The Garden Suite Bedroom (Newly Remodeled)
With an oversize queen pine log bed, you'll be assured a very restful sleep. Complete with plush Turkish robes... in fact we bet you'll be late for breakfast. In-room temperature control completes the room with A/C/Heat Pump.

The Suite
The Garden Suite lives up to its name by providing a private reading area with a leather couch and fresh fawn carpet. Whether you prefer to read by natural sunlight or lamp light, the private reading area will exceed expectations. Or, if you choose, simply relax and listen to the birds serenade you from the nearby 100-year-old white pine tree.

Morning Wake-up View from the Garden Suite
The Garden Suite is named for its lovely view of the flower garden and is our most popular newly renovated room. The garden contains a mixture of annuals and perennials. Most notable are the beautiful rose bushes all around the property.
Feel free to walk around the gardens, and if you're a collector, we'll be glad to send you home with your favorite clippings.

Nature's Colorful Art
This is just one of the beautiful flowers that you can find during the summer in our "L" shaped garden behind the B&B. Of course, you won't be hunting around for flowers at night like Mariah with her camera.

B&B Library
Just outside the Garden Suite and steps from the Mountain View room is the library. There is a large selection of reading material from art and children's to self-help and travel books. Pick out a good book or bring your own, snuggle up in the big blue chair and rest your tired feed on Blackie, the black bear foot rest. You can even take with you one of the paperbacks, if you start one while visiting. Playing cards and backgammon are also available on the shelves.