Mountain View Bedroom
Has a built-in king pedestal bed and is one of the original rooms in the house. The Mountain View has a rustic appeal with old-fashioned comfort. Guests awake with a view of the pasture, Kelly Ridge and Tray Mountain.

Mountain View Comfort
Antiques, quilts, plush robes, and a wicker rocking chair invite guests to linger. In room AC/Heat Pump completes the room for true temperature control for hot summer nights or cold winter evenings.

Mountain View Old Fashioned Bathroom
Across the hall is a private country bath complete with a pedestal sink and a large, 1929 Panther claw foot tub with new shower enclosure providing a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, complete with dryer/heater for the colder months. Enjoy a soothing soak complete with rubber ducky and bubble bath or a "rain" shower .

Mountain View Porch
Even though this is a common area, the front porch is just outside of the Mountain View room's window view. Complete with rockers and porch swing, another place to kick off your shoes, relax and catch up on a good book or just hang with the hummingbirds and nature.