Thank you so much for helping to make the start of our new journey so memorable. (Bears, etc. ...!) You have a beautiful B&B in a serene corner of the world, and you both seem so happy! Again, thank you for your hospitality and friendship. All the best!
Gary & Michelle - Trumbull, CT

We really enjoyed our stay at your beautiful property. We were very impressed with the level and integrity of the service. This was our first bed and breakfast experience and we are definitely hooked. Thank you for your hospitality and allowing us to bring our babies. We will refer all of our friends and families here.  My dad would have LOVED it here. Breakfast every morning was definitely a treat and delicious. We look forward to coming back for a stay again soon!
Thank you so much!
Dave and Melissa - Douglasville, GA

07-15-06 to 07-22-06
We thank you for a delightful stay in the north Georgia mountains.  We could have not had more gracious hosts! We'll fondly remember Mariah's delicious breakfasts, Angie's big hugs and great conversations and Dave's humor. Fresh flowers, singing woodland birds and open windows were just what we needed. Thank you - we'll be back!
Larry, Susie and Dakota - Bradenton, FL

7-23-06 to 7-30-06
We had a wonderful time this week! I was looking forward to my return visit to the Cove Cabin and wasn't disappointed. Things were great and peaceful and I'm now ready to return to the "real world". It was great to you see you again and the food and fellowship was greatly appreciated.
Carol and Elizabeth - Savannah, GA

What a wonderful respite from eternal busy lives. Truly an oasis in the desert! Met and enjoyed the company of Dave and Kathy as well as Mariah, Dave and Angie.  We will return!
Larry and Jennifer - Canton, GA

Another wonderful time!!! We really enjoyed our stay with you. I'm sure well be back again soon!! Anytime you are in Kennesaw, look us up, we would love to have you.
Tom and Kerry - Kennesaw, GA

This Valentine's Day was the greatest I have ever had. Thank you so much. It was peaceful and so romantic. I enjoyed it so much I can't wait for another weekend alone in your cabin. God Bless,
Julie and Jessie - Hayesville, NC

Happy Mothers Day! We had a great stay in your cozy little cabin!  The beds were great and we loved the custom-made omellettes you served for breakfast! We enjoyed an early morning walk down the road near the pasture and visiting with the sweet horse. I called him him "Mr. Ed" and he responded with a turn of his head. The babbling brook and pretty flowers along the roadside were beautiful and soothing. Thank you for your hospitality and for showing us your lovely rooms in your B&B. We only wish we could have stayed longer - hope to see you again sometime soon. God Bless you both.
Martin, Eileen, John and Kristi - Lilburn, GA

7-18 to 7-25-08
If you ever need a relaxing place to stay not too far from home, check out Henson Cove B & B.  It was our second visit there.  We love it. 

Susie, Larry & Dakota
Greetings from balmy Marietta,

Here in the banana belt we are now basking in 31 degree heat. I just wanted to thank you both for your great hospitality and especially to you Dave for doing the tire changing this morning. That was way beyond the call of duty and I really do appreciate it. I still feel like crap but was thinking about Dave's kind offer of soup. So I opened a can when I got home but it just didn't go down that well although Molly the Lab thought it was great.  I think that Mariah probably does a much better job with soup than Campbell. Hope to see you again.

Best regards, John