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Mariah was born in Texas and having a Navy father, did a lot of moving while growing up, but settled in Florida most of her adult life. She has over a 24-year career in graphic design, having worked for 12 years in the travel industry. Due to her creative background, she also loves photography, painting and is pretty crafty. You will see some of her photography hanging on the walls of Henson Cove Place. (Some may even be purchased.) Gardening has become a new hobby as there is a variety of seasonal flowers that are displayed in the B&B... plus fresh berries for Mariah's tasty baked goods. Mariah has always loved to cook and it shows in her wonderful daily gourmet breakfasts and afternoon treats.

Dave  is a laid back computer guy who worked his way through college in 5-star restaurants toward his IT degree. After years in the technology industry as a fiber optics engineer and network designer he now enjoys the mountains, cooking (you will get to taste some of Dave's own creations) and entertaining tremendously.  His expertise in computers, data communication and web design make him an invaluable asset to the community.
Some of Dave's hobbies are playing on-line video games, along with Formula 1 racing. Plus, creating daily happy hours for his guests to unwind and socialize.

Dave Also runs a full service computer business, designing wired and wireless networks as well as building WWW sites with SEO consulting and ranking for clients throughout the community. For more information on Dave's services please visit his web page of his portfolios at

Mariah, Dave and Family have known each other for over 27 years and have been together for over 16 years. Mariah has a daughter, Rainy, and two grandsons, Kalen and Roan who live in Jacksonville, FL. Dave's  son, Christian lives in Sunrise, FL.  Dave's mother, Angela lives on the property as well and you may see her at happy hour. She has some great stories to tell if you have the time. As your hosts, they will do their best to assist their guests in finding things to see and do, and great places to eat while in the Hiawassee area.

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